Bellow Lecture Series

In 2012, Alexandra Bellow decided to make a gift to Northwestern University, specifically to the Math Department. This gift was used to endow the annual lecture series which became known as the Alexandra Bellow Distinguished Lecture Series in Mathematics, or simply the Bellow Lecture Series. Each year a world-class mathematician is invited to come to Northwestern and lecture. Bellow's hope is that world-class women mathematicians will also be represented among the speakers, so as not only to enhance the position of mathematics at Northwestern but also to raise visibility of women in the field.

2017  Maciej Zworski (Berkeley)

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Previous Lectures

2016  Jacob Lurie  (Harvard University)
2015  Nalini Anantharaman (Universite de Strasbourg)
2015  Ben Green (University of Oxford)
2014  Artur Avila (Paris VI, IMPA)
2013  Alice Guionnet (MIT)