International Conference on Nonlinear PDE and Related Analysis/Applications
in conjunction with
The 64th Midwest PDE Seminar
March 20-24, 2010
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

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The aim of the International Conference on Nonlinear PDE and Related Analysis/Applications is to present recent developments and explore new connections between nonlinear PDE, and other areas in mathematics and related fields in the sciences. The Midwest Partial Differential Equations Seminar is a semiannual meeting on recent developments in partial differential equations. The inaugural event in the successful series of Midwest PDE seminars was organized by Avner Friedman at Northwestern University in 1977. We are proud to continue this traditional gathering once more in our department of mathematical scientists with interests in partial differential equations and their applications. This conference is a part of the scientific activities of the Northwestern PDE Emphasis Year 2009-10.


The International Conference on Nonlinear PDE and Related Analysis/Applications, in conjunction with the 64th Midwest PDE Seminar, will be held at Northwestern University on March 20-24, 2010.
The conference is organized by the following organizing committee

        Gui-Qiang Chen (Northwestern University)
        Joseph Jerome (Northwestern University)
        Jared Wunsch (Northwestern University)
        Steve Zelditch (Northwestern University)

A second committee has been formed to coordinate the local organization of the conference. The staff members in the coordinating committee are: Melanie Rubin , Janna Dodrill and Apryl Schlueter. The other members of the coordinating committee are Carlotta Donadello, Myoungjean Bae, Shaowei Su, Qian Ding, Shu Gao and Vaibhav Kukreja.

Invited Speakers  

Invited speakers include: P. Constantin (Univ. of Chicago), C. Dafermos (Brown Univ.), M. Dafermos (Cambridge Univ.), D. Ebin (Stony Brook Univ.), M. Feldman (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison), J. Glimm (Stony Brook Univ.), K. Karlsen (Univ. of Oslo), H. Lindblad (UC San Diego), N. Masmoudi (Courant Inst.), Y. Mori (Univ. of Minnesota), J. Quastel (Univ. of Toronto), F. Rezakhanlou (UC Berkeley), S. Shkoller (UC Davis), P. Souganidis (Univ. of Chicago), M. Torres (Purdue Univ.), K. Trivisa (Univ. of Maryland), D. Wang (Univ. of Pittsburgh), Y.-G. Wang (Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.), S.-J. Wu (Univ. of Michigan), H.-T. Yau (Harvard Univ.), S. Zelditch (Northwestern Univ.).

The Conference will begin at 9am on Saturday, March 20, and will conclude on Wednesday, March 24, before 1:30pm.

Please visit Northwestern University Travel Guide for general travel information.
Taxi services: Northshore Cab 1-847-864-7500; 303 Taxi 1-800-CALL-303; American Taxi 1-847-272-8000
These companies offer flat rates between Evanston and the main airports. O'Hare-Evanston should be about 32-35$.

The National Science Foundation, 
the Department of Mathematics, 
and the Dean's Office of Weinberg College of Northwestern University.

Financial Support  
We expect to have NSF funds to offset partially the expenses of 
graduate students and other younger investigators up to $250 per person.
All such requests should be sent to the coordinating committee ( 
on or before March 15 by email in order to be eligible for consideration. In every case, first consideration 
will be given to chronological priority. 

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