Credit for Math Courses Taken at Other U. S. Institutions

Read Northwestern’s policies on transferring non-Northwestern credits at including the school-specific policies summarized at the bottom of that page. 

Weinberg students should also read, noting that Weinberg College does not accept credit from 2-year institutions.

Submit your request for credit on the Application for Credit for a Non-Northwestern Course form.  Under the heading “Supporting Documentation” attach or link to a detailed syllabus listing all topics covered in the course.  A course catalog listing does not suffice. The syllabus should record all textbooks used in the course and, ideally, the sections of the textbooks that the course covers. It is a good idea to attach an image of the table of contents of the textbook(s) along with the syllabus.  If you include a link, be sure it works properly. You may need to contact the department offering the course and/or the course instructor to obtain these materials.

Before submitting the form, please carefully re-read the information in the previous paragraph to avoid having your petition returned to you for additional information.