Study Abroad, Research, Internships, & Summer Programs


If you are a math major or minor considering foreign study and hope to include math courses in your curriculum while abroad, a careful choice of study abroad program and advance preparation are essential. You should be sure to ask NU's Study Abroad Office specifically about the availability of math courses at the programs you are considering. For example, our recent experience has been that several programs in England, Australia, and Switzerland offer many options, while math courses are unavailable to those studying in Seville.

The Study Abroad Office offers some general information on studying math and science abroad. NU is affiliated with the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program which is specifically designed for math majors.

Taking Math 300 early is good preparation for foreign study, since math courses that you take abroad are often theoretical (like our Math 320/321 or 330/331), and presuppose familiarity with a course like 300.

If you are planning to be abroad only part of the academic year and want to fulfill the math major sequence requirement by combining course work abroad with course work at NU, careful advance planning is necessary. In general, it is easier to do this if your foreign study is during the Fall Quarter.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies is available to discuss math course options abroad and sign the major approval part of your study abroad application. You can make an appointment with him by calling 491-3299. It's essential that you bring along to that appointment as much information as you can find about specific math course offerings which will be available at the programs you are considering.


There are quite a few mathematics or science-related research programs available to undergraduates in the summer. Such programs usually provide a stipend as well as room and board. The list below contains specific programs we've been informed about, as well as links to other, more comprehensive lists. Of particular note are the NSF-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduate programs. If you find links below that are out of date, we'd appreciate your letting us know.

Printed announcements about such programs are posted on the Undergraduate Bulletin Board in Lunt on the landing between the first and second floors; be sure you look there also.