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         In Summer 2016, I mentored a 6-week long mathematics research program, Camp Euclid, for middle and high school students at Euclid Lab directed by David Gay of UGA.  Being both a student and a mentor is a unique experience due to the fact that it offers a collaborative research opportunity and environment for youth in a wide variety of subjects in mathematics.


     If you know of any enthusiastic and curious middle/high schoolers who love to ask "Why?'' and enjoy putting small pieces together to see the bigger picture, I strongly recommend you to get them experience this one of a kind research opportunity.



 I gave a talk at California State University, Channel Islands Undergraduate

Math and Physics seminar organized by senior math and physics majors.


Find the slides here.



I gave a talk on conferences, summer schools, and programs for undergraduate and graduate women in mathematics at an event held by USC AWM Student Chapter.


You can find the slides of that talk here.


Some other expository talks:

  • A geometer's attempt to study the topology of manifolds: Open book decompositions, Graduate Geometry Topology Seminar, March 7, 2016, USC
  • Introduction to Moduli Spaces of J-holomorphic Curves Part I, Graduate Geometry Topology Seminar, September 28, 2015, USC
  • Introduction to Moduli Spaces of J-holomorphic Curves Part II, Graduate Geometry Topology Seminar, September 30, 2015, USC


  • I co-organized a special session titled Women in Contact and Symplectic Geometry and Topology at the JMM 2018 in San Diego with Ziva Myer (Duke) and Yu Pan (MIT) gathering early career female mathematicians (graduate students and postdocs) with leading senior female mathematicians in the field to present and showcase their research at the largest mathematics meeting in the world.




  • I was one of the organizers of the 10th Annual Symposium for Women in Mathematics in Southern California which was held on February 11, 2017 at the University of Southern California. This is a one-day symposium full of research talks, a key-note address and a panel discussion for women mathematicians in the Southern California ranging from undergraduates to research faculty.


  • I was on the board of women in mathematics group at USC, Charlotte's Web, from 2015 to 2017. Charlotte's Web aims to enhance mentoring and networking possibilities for women at USC and wishes to raise awareness of the contributions of women to mathematics and ensure that women mathematicians at USC have a sense that they belong in the mathematical community through our events.


  • I was the president of the USC Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM).  One of the most important goals of these student chapters (81 chapters, to be exact) is to organize events (talks, luncheons) promoting gender equity by creating a supportive environment for all. Having such a chapter is also a great way to connect with other female mathematicians in both academia and industry. Events are open to all undergraduate and graduate students regardless of major or gender.





Women in Mathematics


         Why should one care about the presence of women in mathematics? Here is a potential answer to the representation/diversity issue:






















Some other useful links:


and for those who reside in Southern California:


or in Midwest:




There were two conferences in honor of Dusa's Birthday. Follow the links below for more details:

Topological and Quantitative Aspects of Symplectic Manifolds, A Conference in Honor of Dusa McDuff's 70th Birthday, March 17-20, 2016, Columbia University, NY

Symplectic Geometry and Topology: Conference in honour of Dusa McDuff, ICMS, July 25-29, 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland



Some other exciting conference announcements:

The AWM Research Symposium 2019, April 6-7, 2019, Rice University, Houston, Texas

The AWM Workshop at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 10–13, 2018, San Diego, California

The AWM Workshop at the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 4–7, 2017, Atlanta, Georgia

Young Women in Geometry, April 3-5, 2017, the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany
AWM Research Symposium 2017 supported by the NSF ADVANCE grant will take place on April 8–9, 2017 at UCLA




If you are a social media lover, the following would be helpful to keep yourself informed about conferences, workshops, and summer school announcements and also questions you would like to ask a group of people with similar concerns or experiences:


Women in Geometry Topology World

European Women in Mathematics

Women in Maths

USC Student Chapter of the Association of Women in Mathematics




There are several associations and events addressing issues of gender imbalance in mathematics: one of which is a 11-day mentoring program for undergraduate and graduate women in mathematics hosted by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), together with Princeton University with the support of the NSF called Women and Math Program.


Three leading women figures in math are running this important gathering: Sun-Yung Alice Chang (Princeton), Dusa McDuff (Barnard College, Columbia), Christine Taylor (Princeton).


It was the best mathematical event that I have ever attended in the sense that I had a chance to think about how to shape an academic career hearing experiences of and consulting with accomplished female figures in my field and listening to their engaging research talks.

All ears to Dusa's expertise. Photo credit: IHES, 2015.