Analytical Study of Smooth Solutions of the Blotekjaer Hydrodynamic Model of Electron Transport

By: Joseph W. Jerome

We study the Blotekjaer hydrodynamic model from the standpoint of local well-posedness. We employ analytical methods, originally introduced by T.~Kato for complex systems, to obtain the existence of unique local smooth solutions of the Cauchy problem, with smooth initial data. The time interval is invariant with respect to vanishing heat flux. The model is self-consistent, and is developed for one-valley electron carriers only. A symmetrizer is introduced for the system, and regularization is employed to avoid the formation of singularities due to vacuum regions. In the regime studied, it is not possible for shocks to form.
This paper will appear in VLSI DESIGN 15 (2002), 729--742, and can be viewed in the following format: