336-1 (2018 Winter): Introduction to the Theory of Numbers

Instructor: Yifeng Liu (email: liuyf"at"math.northwestern.edu)

Office Hour: Tuesday 2-4PM, Lunt 302

TA: Yuxiang Wang (email: wang2625"at"math.northwestern.edu), Office hour: Thu 12-2 & Fri 1-2, Lunt B20

Webpage: http://www.math.northwestern.edu/~liuyf/336w2018

Text Book: Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications (Six Edition), by Kenneth H. Rosen

Lectures: MWF 12:00-12:50, Lunt 103. First day of meeting: Jan 8, last day of meeting: Mar 12.

Discussion Sessions: Tue 12:00-12:50, Lunt 103. First day of meeting: Jan 16, last day of meeting: Mar 13.

Exam Dates: Midterm 1: Jan 30, Midterm 2: Feb 27, Final: 3-5 PM, Mar 21

Grading: Final 40% + Two Midterms 40% + Four Homework Sets 20%

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HOMEWORK: You are required to do homework independently, without discussion in any form (including internet). Homework sets should be submitted in PDF form to the TA by email with the title line "336HWn" (n=1,2,3...). Overdue homework will not be accepted unless there is an acceptable reason.

SYLLABUS (tentative):