April 2016

January 2005

August 2002

At work, August 2001

Early 1990's

Me with beard in 1973

Surrounded by my High School students in 1984

Meeting of the WFRDS in Nice, France - September, 1984

In a public event, 1987


My family in 1975 - back row left to right: me, Isabel, Paco;
front row: my mother, Julian Luis, my father

My family in 1959 - back row: my parents;
front row left to right: me, Paco, Isabel

Early Childhood

With Isa, 1958

Two years old, 1956

6 months old, september 1954

3 months old

20 days

-2 days (from an X-ray taken
to my mother 2 days before
I was born)

My Parents

My mother, 1960

My parents' wedding, 1950

My father, 1949

My mother, 1950

My mother with my father (left)
and her brother (right), 1949

My mother working as a secretary in 1949

Carmencita (1960-64)

1 year old, 1961

Paco and Carmencita, 1962