Mengxuan Yang

I am currently a first year Ph.D. student at Northwestern University. My interest lies in microlocal analysis and scattering theory. I completed my undergraduate degree in Beihang University, China with my thesis advisor Dr. Yuan Zhou and my master degree in Texas A&M University with my thesis advisor Dr. Dean Baskin. Here is my cv. It is likely out of date.

My email address is mxyang[AT~]math[DOT~]northwestern[DOT~]edu.

My undergradute thesis was Introduction to Pseudodifferential Operators. And my master thesis was Scattering Resonances on Truncated Cone.

I am currently working on scattering resonances. Here are some notes I worte on some topics. They are based on Dyatlov and Zworski's unpublished book.

1. General bound on resonance width in 1D case

Here is a link to the math department page.

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