Northwestern Student AG Seminar


Spring 2018 @Annenberg G29
Date Topic Speaker Abstract and references
End of Winter Quarter Demailly's proof via Zero Estimates Mihnea Reference
04/09 Surfaces-via vanishing theorem. Fanjun Reference
04/13 Surfaces-Reider's theorem via Bogomolov Inequality Yaroslav
04/20 Angehrn and Siu-algebraic approach Mingyi Positivity II.10.4A
05/04 Kawamata's proof of 3-folds and 4-folds Sebastián Reference

Winter 2018 @Locy 214
Date Topic Speaker Abstract and references
02/06 Kapranov (motivic) zeta function Yaroslav Abstract
02/13 Bernstein-Sato polynomial and its roots. Mingyi Abstract
02/20 TBA TBA Abstract
02/27 Introduction to Character Varieties Brett Abstract

Fall 2017 @Lunt 103
Date Topic Speaker Abstract and references
09/27/2017 Weighted Projective spaces and weighted blow-ups Mingyi Abstract

Miles Reid, Graded rings and varieties in weighted projective space, 2002
J. Kollar, K. Smith and A. Corti, Rational and nearly rational varieties, 2004, 3.48, 6.38
Igor Dolgachev, Weighted projective varieties, 1982.
Anthony Iano-Flecher, Working with weighted complete intersection, in the book Explicit binational geometry of 3-folds.

10/03/2017 Fujita type conjectures Yagna Abstract

References: Lazarsfeld's Positivity I, Chapter 4.1, Kawamata covers.

10/10/2017 Period Maps and period domains Mingyi Abstract

References: Voison's book and J. Carlson's book Period mappings and period domains.

10/17/2017 Mixed Hodge Structures, some examples Sebastián Abstract

References: Hodge Theory - Cattani, Zein, Griffiths, Tráng et al.

10/24/2017 No Seminar Algebraic Geometry Seminar conflict
10/31/2017 Analytic aspects of multiplier ideal sheaves Greg Abstract
11/07/2017 Some examples in derived categories of coherent sheaves. Grisha P. Abstract Reference: Huybrechts, Fourier-Mukai transform in algebraic geometry (Reading through Chapter 1 is highly encouraged).
11/14/2017 Fourier Mukai Transform in algebraic geometry Grisha K.


References: D. Huybrechts, Fourier-Mukai Transforms in Algebraic Geometry D. Gaitsgory and N. Rozenblyum, A Study in Derived Algebraic Geometry D. Ben-Zvi, J. Francis, D. Nadler, Integral Transforms and Drinfeld Centers in Derived Algebraic Geometry
11/28/2017 Cohomology in characteristic p Paul Abstract