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Inclusion at NU Math


Mathematics has been involved in the WCAS Bridge/Arch Scholars program from its onset. One of the courses (Quantitative Reasoning) is a mathematics course, and has always been taught by a math faculty member (or two). 

Causeway Postbaccalaureate Program

This 12-month program aims to prepare students from groups under-represented in the mathematical sciences for graduate study. Full tuition and living stipend provided. To begin July 2021.

DRP (Directed Reading Program)

This is a one-on-one mentoring program on a specific mathematics topic, pairing undergraduates and graduates.  For additional information, contact Prof. Ezra Getzler via

GROW (Graduate Research Opportunities for Women)

Now housed at IMSI, the GROW conference was created at Northwestern (by Bryna Kra) and is hosted by a rotating group of schools. We have applied for a grant which would help to continue funding for several years and create a hub for GROW organization.

IMSI (Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)

IMSI is a proposed research institute.  Diversity and Inclusion are a core value of IMSI and will be woven into the organization of every activity.

Inviting curricula and placement

Our calculus program has been restructured so as to (among other things) offer a path which includes pre-calculus in one of its courses. The aim is to enable students with a broader range of pre-college preparation to succeed. In addition, a newly designed placement exam and procedures are designed to ensure progress through introductory calculus courses, widening the intake for the mathematics major. (Numbers are already increasing for MENU.)

math circle

Evanston-area middle schoolers engage in enrichment activities in mathematics. While this program does not target under-represented groups, it is free of charge and has no selection criteria. There is typically a high representation of female students involved.

NESP (Northwestern Emerging Scholars Program)

This initiative aims to bring a wider swath of students into the math major by revealing some of the beauty of mathematics to students in courses that focus on applications or mathematics as a prerequisite for study in other disciplines.

NUAWM (Northwestern University Association of Women in Mathematics)

The group's activities allow undergraduate women to explore all areas of the discipline and the profession of mathematics.

Prison Education Program

Three faculty involved. Two math courses are being taught throughout the year.  Click here for more details

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