GROW 2015 Schedule of events





Friday, 23 October 1600

From square roots to modern algebraic geometry - Student seminar (optional)

Dylan Wilson
Saturday, 24 October 0830 Breakfast
0930 Welcome discussion Bryna Kra
0945-1030 Knot again! Eric Zaslow
1030-1100 Coffee break

Panel discussion on mathematical sciences: What is research?

Moderator: Laura DeMarco

Ezra Getzler, Hongmei Jiang, Bryna Kra, Vesna Stojanoska, Eric Zaslow, David Chopp.
1200-1400 Lunch
1400-1445 Shapes of numbers Vesna Stojanoska
1445-1515 Coffee break

Panel discussion: An academic career in mathematics

Moderator: Bryna Kra

Mihnea Popa, Mary Silber, Ursula Porod, Hongmei Jiang, Ben Weinkove, Agnes Beaudry.
1615-1730 Break out: grad school applications, REU applications, applied math, stats, pure math All


Keynote address: Alexandra Bellow on her life and career

Sunday, 25 October 0830 Breakfast
0930-1015 Polygons & Fractals Laura DeMarco
1015-1100 Coffee break

Panel discussion: Getting into grad school for the mathematical sciences

Moderator: Ezra Getzler

Paul Goerss, Eric Zaslow, Stephanie Ger, Vesna Stojanoska, Mary Silber.
1200-1300 Lunch
1300 Tour of campus for those who can stay Yajnaseni Dutta & Dylan Wilson

With the exception of Saturday Dinner, GROW will take place at 2122 Sheridan Road, room 250.

Saturday Dinner will take place at 601 University Place, Guild Lounge.