Midwest Probability Colloquium

The 40th Midwest Probability Colloquium will be hosted by Northwestern University October 18-20, 2018.

Probability theory has been the most applicable branch of pure mathematics. During the last decade it has seen a clear surge in popularity of probabilistic tools and methods in other branches of pure and applied mathematics. The Midwest Probability Colloquium has been an annual event for several decades. It brings together a wide-breadth of knowledge in the field of probability.  Sponsors of the 40th Midwest Probability Colloquium are the National Science Foundation and Northwestern University.

40th Midwest Probability Colloquium: General Information  

  • Tutorial Program (October 18)
    • Sebastien Roch (University of Wisconsin, Madison) 
  • Research Program (October 19-20)
    • Rick Kenyon (Brown University)
    • Paul Bourgade (New York University)
    • Firas Rassoul-Agha (University of Utah)
    • Tianyi Zheng (University of California, San Diego)
  • Scientific Committee
    • Antonio Auffinger (Northwestern University)
    • Guo Xin (University of California, Berkeley)
    • Elton Hsu (Northwestern University)
    • Greg Lawler (University of Chicago)
    • Tai Melcher (University of Virginia)
    • Timo Sepalainen (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
    • Jing Wang (Purdue University)
    • Qiang Zeng (Northwestern University)             
  • Women in Probability
    • Women in Probability will host a brunch at the Midwest Probability Colloquium on Friday, 
      October 19 at 11am at a local restaurant (tbd). This brunch is free to any early career women participants.
    • Women in Probability (http://womeninprobability.org) is an organization for women active in probability research, whose primary purpose is to provide networking and mentoring opportunities for early career women.  Their activities are funded by the NSF.
    • Anyone interested in attending should please email Tai Melcher (melcher@virginia.edu).

Past Research Program Speakers of the Midwest Probability Colloquium

Past Tutorial Program Speakers at the Midwest Probability Colloquium