Emphasis Year

The 2018-19 ​Emphasis Year Is Non-commutative Geometry

Designed to investigate particular topics in mathematics over the course of an academic year, Emphasis Years have been run by the Mathematics Department at Northwestern University for more than 40 years. The 2018-19 ​Emphasis Year is Non-commutative Geometry, led by Northwestern University Mathematics Faculty Prof. Dmitry Tamarkin and Prof. Boris Tsygan.  

As part of the emphasis year, Prof. Tamarkin and Prof. Tsygan have organized the Noncommutative Geometry seminar. Its regular meeting time will be 3:00 on Mondays in Lunt 107 but sometimes will be held at a different time if scheduling issues arise. During the course of the academic year 2018-19 our department will also host a number of scientific events, including those listed below. There will be additions to this list; please check for updates.

Scientific Events