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Emphasis Year

Emphasis Year for 2021-2022:  Homotopy Methods in Geometry and Physics
The Emphasis Year is designed to investigate particular topics in mathematics over the course of an academic year.   The organizers are NU Math faculty members John Francis, Ezra Getzler, Gus Schrader and Boris Tsygan.
2022 Emphasis Year Conference

The topic of the Emphasis year this year is Homotopical methods in geometry and physics. The main event will be the international conference in honor of NU faculty member Ezra Getzler’s birthday. The conference-- held at Northwestern University March 21-25, 2022-- will be preceded by a mini-school that will take place on March 19-20. The lecture mini-courses at NU are to be delivered by David Ayala (Montana State University) and Nathaniel Bottman (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics). Other speakers are currently under consideration.

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