Financial Aid

  • We automatically consider all applicants for financial aid; no additional applications are necessary. It is essential that your application be completed by December 15. You may be eligible for several types of financial aid, including University fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. First-year students are normally supported as University fellows. All awards pay full tuition plus a stipend.
  • At most, you may receive financial aid for five academic years. Each year the Graduate Committee will decide whether to renew your support based on your progress from year to year. For a first-year student, progress is determined by course grades. You would normally be expected to pass the preliminary examination by the beginning of fall quarter of your second year in order to receive support for the winter quarter of you second year and beyond, and to pass the qualifying examination by the end of your third year in order to receive support for the fourth year. After the qualifying examination, support is contingent on your dissertation progress.
  • As a more advanced graduate student, you may also be eligible to teach one of a limited number of summer calculus courses. In some years, we have also had grant money to pay a small stipend for those working on a dissertation during the summer.