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Leonard Evens

PhD, Harvard University


In my thesis I proved that the cohomology ring of a finite group is finitely generated, Later (with D. Kahn) I investigated Chern classes of representations of a finite group. With J. Alperin, I proved some of the basic theorems about complexity in group representation theory.

Selected Publications

  1. Alperin-Evens_Rep_Res_Quillen_Dim_Th
  2. Blackburn-N_Evens-L_Schur_Mults_of_p-Gps
  3. Evens-L_Cohomology_Ring_of_a_Finite_Group
  4. Evens-L_Kahn-DS_Int_RR_Th_Ind_Reps_Fin_Gps.pdf
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