Major Requirements

There are special major requirements for ISP and MMSS Majors.

  • Basic courses: 220 and 224 (or 212, 213, 214); 230, 234, and 240 (or 281-1,2,3 or 285-1,2,3 or 290-1,2,3 or 291-1,2,3); or equivalent
  • Required major courses: a total of nine 300-level courses offered by the department, among these must be one of the complete sequences
    • 310-1,2,
    • 311-1,2,3
    • 320-1,2,3
    • 321-1,2,3
    • 330-1,2,3
    • 331-1,2,3.
  • In addition, those who have NOT taken and passed at least one quarter of Math 311, Math 320, Math 321, Math 330, or Math 331 with a grade of C- or better must take Math 334-0.
  • Math 334-0 is also strongly recommended for students considering graduate school, as well as for those (such as potential actuaries) considering certain other careers.. As usual, you should seek advice from the department about whether you should take 334.
  • With the prior approval of the department, as many as 3 of these 9 courses may be 300-level courses offered by other departments which focus on serious applications of mathematics or have substantial mathematical content.

Important note: Those who took 330-1 (337-1 before Fall 2005) prior to academic year 2004/2005 may use that course to substitute for 334. The courses 334 and 330-1 (337-1 before Fall 2005), if taken prior to academic year 2004/5, cannot both be counted for the major without consent of the department (although both may count toward the 45 courses required for graduation).

Course Recommendations

  • Most mathematics majors should take 300-0 as early as possible in their course of study. Those with a bent for abstraction may be able to skip this course and should consult with the director of undergraduate studies. Students who passed 291-1 with a grade of A- or above may skip 300.
  • While 250 is not required of mathematics majors, it is strongly recommended for those with a second major or a minor in a science, and, of course, for those planning to take a 300-level course which has 250 as a prerequisite.
  • Students considering graduate school in mathematics should take all of 321 (or 320) and 331 (or 330) as well as 344.
  • Math majors with a second major in Economics should consider taking the 310 or 311 sequences. Those who take Math 314-0 as preparation for their econometrics courses should, at the very least, sit in on Math 310-1 (or 311-1), before continuing into 310-2 (or 311-2), even though they cannot receive credit for it.