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Association for Women in Mathematics (NUAWM)

What is NUAWM?

Northwestern's Association for Women in Mathematics chapter (NUAWM) is a group of students who, regardless of gender-identity or major, are interested in fostering gender diversity in mathematics. Refreshments are provided at most events. Information on NUAWM events is distributed through its listserv. NUAWM hosts a variety of events, such as

Newly declared math majors are automatically subscribed to the NUAWM listserv.

T-shirts are available for a $15 donation to the Math Department, and can be picked up in the main office in Lunt Hall room 201.  Get your official NUAWM t-shirt today! (While supplies last)

New NUAWM Shirt

"This is what a mathematician looks like"

From the participants of NUAWM:

“Given the small class sizes in upper level math courses and the small number of women in math, classes often have two or fewer female students. It's easy to forget that there exists other female math majors. NUAWM events help undergraduates meet other female math majors and discuss shared experiences. Through NUAWM dinners and talks, undergraduates also have the opportunity to meet female graduate students and faculty. This creates a supportive network of both mentors and peers for aspiring female mathematicians.”

Araminta Gwynne, Class of 2017

“Northwestern's Association for Women in Mathematics (NUAWM) is engaging and rewarding, because it is an all-in-one math extracurricular: it provides social events, consultation opportunities, and, of course, cool math lessons! Each of these aspects conveys positive effects throughout my mathematics education. Connecting with other students outside of the classroom helps establish a sense of camaraderie, support, and positive energy when we're in class and/or studying... Overall, NUAWM strengthens my sense of connection, confidence, and comfort within the Department of Mathematics and mathematics in general.”

Kimberly Clinch, Class of 2017

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