Prize Winners

Each year, the math department awards prizes for outstanding achievement in mathematics; sometimes additional prizes are also awarded. The prizes are awarded at a gala departmental ceremony held in late May, to which all undergraduates and faculty are invited.

The 2008-2009 Prize Winners

  • Robert R. Welland Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics by a Graduating Senior: Lee N. Cohn, Adam M. Vollrath
  • Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics by a Junior: Jamil S. Merali, Zachary G. Nicolaou,Yiwei She
  • Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics by a Sophomore: Paul D. Gafni, Andrea L. Heyman
  • Excellence in Mathematics by a Freshman: Xinxin Li, Shelley X. Mo, Catherine C. Ning, Frederick R. Robinson, Shyam Sundaresh, Michael A. Wurtz, Joon Y. Yoon, Kellan Zheng
  • High Achievement on the William Lowell Putnam Examination: Matthew A. Nubbe,Yiwei She, Peter H. Zhang
  • Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Mathematical Life: Marcel E. S. Flores
  • Honorable Mention for Achievement in Mathematics by a Sophomore: Lauren E. Kahn, Yan Miao

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