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School of Professional Studies


Mathematics plays a central role in modern society. It has long been an important tool in science and engineering, and is used increasingly in varied and sophisticated ways in the social sciences, the humanities and business. With expanding applications, many areas of mathematics, from pure to applied, have grown tremendously. This major offers a variety of courses that address these diverse applications of mathematics. In addition to academic and teaching opportunities, those with mathematics degrees go on to work in the private and public sector in such areas as insurance, information technology, engineering, urban planning and policy, the aerospace industry and consulting.

Through the School of Professional Studies (SPS) the Department of Mathematics offers an evening program to meet the educational needs of working adults. SPS students are a diverse group. They come from all age groups, from all parts of the Chicago area and beyond, and from varied backgrounds. Some already have college degrees and are preparing for graduate school or seeking professional growth. Others come to Northwestern to pursue their dream of finishing a college education.

Contact Information

Dr. Eugene Kushnirsky
Chair, SPS Liaison Committee
(847) 467-1874 


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