Postdoctoral and Visiting Faculty

Elizabeth Burslem | Visiting Faculty

Elizabeth Burslem

Description of Research:  Dynamical Systems

Daniel Cuzzocreo | Visiting Faculty

Daniel Cuzzocreo

Description of Research:  I am interested in holomorphic dynamical systems. In particular, I am interested in structures in parameter spaces for families of rational maps.

Brett Frankel | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Brett Frankel

Han Liang Gan | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Han Liang Gan

Description of Research:  Distribution approximation using Stein's method, particularly for genetic drift models and stochastic processes under constraints.

Oran Gannot | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Oran Gannot
  • Field(s) of Research:  Partial differential equations
  • Phone:  847-491-5577
  • Office Location:  Lunt 311
  • E-mail:

Yair Hartman | Boas Assistant Professor

Yair Hartman
  • Field(s) of Research:  Ergodic theory on groups, Measurable group actions, Random walks on graphs
  • Phone:  847-491-4977
  • Office Location:  Lunt 312
  • E-mail:

Kenneth Jacobs | Boas Assistant Professor

Kenneth Jacobs

Description of Research:  Arithmetic dynamics, with a particular emphasis on equidistribution results for families of measures attached to rational maps.

Xin Jin | Boas Assistant Professor

Xin Jin

Description of Research:  Xin Jin is interested in symplectic geometry and its applications in geometric representation theory.

Silas Johnson | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Silas Johnson
  • Field(s) of Research:  Number Theory and Arithmetic Statistics
  • Phone:  847-467-2272
  • Office Location:  Locy 202
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Silas Johnson studies problems in arithmetic statistics, especially mass formulas and heuristics for number field counting.

Rostyslav Kravchenko | Visiting Faculty

Rostyslav Kravchenko

Description of Research:  elf-similar groups, ergodic theory

Rahul Krishna | Boas Assistant Professor

Rahul Krishna

Description of Research:  Automorphic forms, special values of L-functions, and arithmetic.

Joel Moreira | Boas Assistant Professor

Joel Moreira

Description of Research:  Convergence of ergodic averages and multiple recurrence with applications to arithmetic combinatorics and Ramsey theory.

Sam Nariman | Boas Assistant Professor

Sam Nariman
  • Field(s) of Research:  Algebraic Topology
  • Phone:  847-491-2853
  • Office Location:  Lunt B22
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Stable moduli space of manifold bundles, homotopy theory of foliations, diffeomorphism groups, homological stability.

Nguyen T. Nguyen | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Nguyen T. Nguyen
  • Field(s) of Research:  Boundary value problems for second-order elliptic equations, Boundary value problems for second-order elliptic systems
  • Phone:  847-467-1298
  • Office Location:  Lunt B2
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Second-order linear elliptic boundary-value problems.

Kiran Parkhe | Visiting Faculty

Kiran Parkhe

Description of Research:  Kiran Parkhe's main research interest is group actions on manifolds.

Martha Precup | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Martha Precup

Description of Research:  Applications of Lie theory to algebraic geometry, and the related combinatorics.

Guillaume Roy-Fortin | Boas Assistant Professor

Guillaume Roy-Fortin
  • Field(s) of Research:  Partial differential equations on manifolds, Asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, General topics in linear spectral theory
  • Phone:  847-491-5580
  • Office Location:  847-491-5553
  • Office Hours:  Lunt 306
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Geometric spectral theory. Growth and nodal sets of Laplace eigenfunctions. Shape optimization of eigenvalues.

Scott Schmieding | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Scott Schmieding

Description of Research:  Symbolic Dynamics, Algebraic K theory

Linhui Shen | Boas Assistant Professor

Linhui Shen

Jason Siefken | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Jason Siefken

Description of Research:  Brief Description of Research Interest (researchdescription): Dynamical Systems, Symbolic Dynamics, Ergodic Theory, and Aperiodic Tilings.

Zahra Sinaei | Boas Assistant Professor

Zahra Sinaei

Description of Research:  Zahra Sinaei's principal research interest is in geometric analysis in both smooth and non-smooth settings.

Ross Sweet | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Ross Sweet
  • Field(s) of Research:  Algebraic geometry, Algebraic topology, $K$-theory
  • Phone:  847-467-4827
  • Office Location:  Locy 201
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Orbifold cohomology theories, such as virtual K-theory and Chen-Ruan orbifold cohomology along with their related topological field theories.

Behrouz Taji | Visiting Faculty

Behrouz Taji
  • Field(s) of Research:  Complex algebraic and differential geometry
  • Office Location:  Lunt B26
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Birational geometry and classification theory of complex spaces, positivity and stability properties of sheaves, moduli problems, canonical metrics and Hodge theory.

Jian Xiao | Boas Assistant Professor

Jian Xiao
  • Field(s) of Research:  complex algebraic and analytic geometry
  • Phone:  847-467-1891
  • Office Location:  Lunt 303
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Complex algebraic and analytic geometry. Study of positivity in algebraic/Kaehler geometry by analytical (or transcendental) methods, including various tools from PDEs, several complex variables and convex analysis.

Qiang Zeng | Boas Assistant Professor

Qiang Zeng
  • Field(s) of Research:  Probability, Funcional Analysis
  • Phone:  847-467-0714
  • Office Location:  Lunt 106A
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Qiang's research interests lie in the interface of probability and functional analysis