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Faculty Win 2018 Linzer Grant

For the second year in a row, faculty of the Mathematics Department have been awarded a Daniel I. Linzer grant to promote equity and inclusion. This year the award went to Professors Zaslow, Alongi, CaƱez, Kra, and Onnie Rogers, from Psychology, for the Causeway Postbaccalaureate Program. Last year the award went to Professors Kra, DeMarco, Getzler, and Goerss for the Graduate Research Opportunities for Women (GROW) workshops.

Faculty Invited to Speak at the 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians

Professor Laura DeMarco, Emmy Murphy, and Mihnea Popa are invited to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro, August 2018

Aaron Naber Wins the New Horizons Prize

Aaron Naber Wins the New Horizons Prize for Work in Geometric Analysis and Riemannian Geometry, Introducing Powerful New Techniques to Solve Outstanding Problems, Particularly for Manifolds with Ricci Curvature Bounds.

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Monday, January 1, 3:00 PM