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Decorative photo of an eye

An eye-shaped bifurcation locus of a family of quadratic rational maps from the research of Laura DeMarco.



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NU Mathematics awarded RTG

The math department has been awarded an NSF RTG grant in geometric analysis. The $2.18M grant will fund research and training of students and postdocs in this field over the next five years.

Nir Avni was promoted to Associate Professor.

John Alongi was promoted to Professor of Instruction.

Aaron Naber was promoted to Professor.

Valentino Tosatti was promoted to Professor.


Beginning of the Year Party

Monday, September 21, 5:00 PM
Harris Hall 108

Midwest Probability Colloquium

Thursday, October 8, All Day
The 37th Midwest Probability Colloquium will be held at Northwestern University on October 8-10, 2015.

Yamabe Lecture

Wednesday, October 28, 4:10 PM
Gerhard Huisken, MFO Oberwolfach and Tubingen University