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Standard Calculus and Linear Algebra courses

Math 220, 224, 230, 234, and 240 are Northwestern’s standard courses in calculus and linear algebra. These courses, or their equivalents, are prerequisite for most upper-level mathematics courses and are required for all science and engineering majors. The courses are:

  1. Math 220 Differential Calculus of One-Variable Functions
  2. Math 224 Integral Calculus of One-Variable Functions
  3. Math 230 Differential Calculus of Multivariable Functions
  4. Math 234 Multiple Integration and Vector Calculus
  5. Math 240 Linear Algebra

Math 212, 213, and 214 form a sequence in single-variable calculus for students who certify that they have had little or no previous exposure to calculus and are not confident about their mathematical preparation. The sequence consists of:

  1. Math 212 Single-Variable Calculus I
  2. Math 213 Single-Variable Calculus II
  3. Math 214 Single-Variable Calculus III

(Together Math 212, 213, and 214 cover the same material as Math 220 and 224.)

Before registering for Math 212:

Mathematical Experience for Northwestern Undergraduates (MENU)

Mathematical Experience for Northwestern Undergraduates (MENU) is a flexible program of challenging courses designed to provide qualified undergraduates with a thorough foundation in mathematics suitable for advanced study in mathematics and its applications across a wide range of disciplines.

Students invited to participate in MENU should give serious consideration to this option.  MENU is the preferred pathway to a mathematics major or minor and is the preferred preparation for applicants to MMSS and to the Kellogg certificate programs. More information, including the differences between Math 290 and Math 291, is available at the MENU webpage.

 Area II Formal Studies Distribution Requirement

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Examination Credit

Students may use one Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit to fulfill a single unit of the WCAS Area II Formal Studies distribution requirement.

AP Mathematics AB (or AB subscore of Mathematics BC) 4, 5 Math 220-0
AP Mathematics BC below 4 see AB subscore of AP Mathematics BC
AP Mathematics BC 4, 5 Math 220-0 and Math 224-0
IB Higher Level Examination 6 or 7 Math 220-0

Course Recommendations for First-Year Students

If you did not study calculus in high school,
If you studied calculus in high school,
AP Mathematics AB (or AB subscore of Mathematics BC) 4 Math 224-0 Math 230-0
AP Mathematics AB (or AB subscore of Mathematics BC) 5 Math 224-0 or 290-1 Math 230-0 or Math 291-1
AP Mathematics BC 4 Math 230-0 or 290-1 Math 291-1
AP Mathematics BC 5 Math 230-0 or 290-1 Math 291-1
IB Higher Level Examination 6 Math 224-0 Math 230-0
IB Higher Level Examination 7 Math 224-0 or 290-1 Math 230-0 or Math 291-1
(*) after consulting with a mathematics advisor


Beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year, all incoming first-year and transfer students who intend to take a calculus course at Northwestern and are not in the McCormick School of Engineering must complete our online mathematics placement examination by 11:59 p.m. on July 31.


Students taking calculus after Summer 2017 are not required to take the ALEKS examination.

 Contact Information
Calculus placement; advice on 100- and 200- level courses Aaron Peterson, Director of Calculus Lunt B2
Mathematical Experience for Northwestern Undergraduates (MENU) Santiago Cañez, Director of MENU Lunt B27
Advice about 300-level courses and for mathematics majors/minors; declaring a mathematics major/minor; study abroad; taking mathematics courses at other institutions; career and graduate school information John M. Alongi, Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) Lunt B3

  • Math Majors and Minors can schedule advising appointments on Advisestream.  
  • Students who have not yet declared a Math Major or Minor can schedule advising apppointments with the UG Undergraduate Assistant (


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