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Completing and Submitting a Crowdmark Assigned Assessment

To complete and submit a Crowdmark Assigned Assessment you will need either a tablet with an internet connection or the following items: paper, a writing implement, a device with an internet connection, and a scanner or camera. We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer instead of a mobile device, and we recommend using a scanner instead of a camera.

  1. You should receive an email invitation from Crowdmark containing a link to an Assigned Assessment. Contact your instructor immediately if you do not receive an invitation.
  2. Follow the link in your invitation to the Assigned Assessment.
  3. Complete the assignment on your own paper or tablet, using a new page for your response to each question.
  4. Clearly label each page with the appropriate question number.
  5. Do not write your name on any page. By writing your name anywhere on your assignment you waive your right under the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act to control the disclosure of your score on this assignment.
  6. Allow at least 15 minutes to create and upload your images.
  7. Export, scan, or photograph each page of your responses. If using paper, then we recommend scanning. If you photograph, then use a dark background, if possible, and minimize shadows and glare. 
  8. Save your images as PDF, JPG, or PNG files. The file size limit is 12MB per JPG or PNG file and 25MB per PDF file.
  9. Upload each file by dragging it to the upload area under its corresponding question. Crowdmark does not officially support uploading from mobile devices. Use a computer or tablet to upload your files, if possible. You can upload multiple files simultaneously, and you can re-order and delete files in the upload area at any time before you submit your assignment for evaluation. 
  10. Verify that your uploaded files are in order, legible, and rotated correctly.
  11. Press the “Submit for evaluation” button when you have finished uploading files. You can re-submit as many times as you like before the deadline.

For more information see Completing and Submitting an Assignment and Support for Students.