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Homotopy 2023

The Emphasis Year is designed to investigate particular topics in mathematics over the course of an academic year.   For 2022-2023, our Emphasis Year on Homotopy Theory will feature a variety of events throughout the year, including a Spring 2023 Homotopy conference, in part to honor NU Mathematics faculty member, Prof. Paul Goerss, for his contributions to the field. 
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Mathematics News


Prof. Bryna Kra Begins Term as President of the American Mathematical Society

NU Mathematics faculty member, Prof. Bryna Kra, starts her two-year term as president of the American Mathematical Society. "We are not just training people to reproduce academia... Lots of places are looking for the analytic skills that come with being trained as a mathematician" (Bryna Kra).
Prof. Bryna Kra's work on resolving an old conjecture of Erdős was written up in a December 2022 article in Quanta Magazine
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Prof. Xiumin Du Receives Prestigious CAREER Award from NSF

NU Mathematics faculty member, Prof. Xiumin Du, has received a prestigious CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, the foundation’s most prestigious honor for junior faculty members. She will receive almost $500,000 over five years to study “Weighted Fourier extension estimates and interactions with PDEs and geometric measure theory”.  


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Prof. Auffinger and Prof. Avni Awarded 2023 Simons Fellowships

NU Mathematics faculty members Prof. Antonio Auffinger and Prof. Nir Avni have been awarded 2023 Simons Fellowships. The Simons Fellows program extends academic leaves from one term to a full year, enabling recipients to focus solely on research for the long periods often necessary for significant advances. 
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Steve Zelditch 1953-2022



Steve Zelditch, a Founder of the Field of Quantum Chaos, Is Remembered as an Enthusiastic Mathematician, Colleague and Teacher

Professor Steve Zelditch, an esteemed and much-loved member of the NU mathematics department, tragically died of cancer on September 11, 2022. We held a memorial event for Steve Zelditch on Wednesday October 26, which included talks on Zelditch's work followed by a memorial reception.   Please click on the 'Read More' for the article from Northwestern Now.
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