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Award-winning mathematician Bryna Kra follows the numbers to discover surprising insights about complex systems, while championing women and minorities to strengthen her field.   In 2010, she won the Levi L. Conant Award from the American Mathematical Society for her expository work on the Green-Tao theorem showing the existence of arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions in prime numbers. She was named to the society’s board of trustees in 2015. The following year, she became a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Earlier this year, Kra was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, an honor bestowed on the country’s best researchers.

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Nicole Looper, former NU graduate student under Prof. Laura DeMarco, Awarded the 2020 AWM Dissertation Prize

"I am very honored and pleased to receive the AWM Dissertation Prize... I especially thank my advisor Laura DeMarco, whose leadership and influence have left an indelible mark. I would also like to thank the Northwestern Math Department for providing a hospitable environment during my years in graduate school. Finally, I am grateful to my friends and collaborators in the mathematical community for their fresh perspectives and unfailing support" (Nicole Looper).
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Causeway Postbaccalaureate Program to Be Part of NU Provost's Faculty Pathways Initiative


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New Endowed Chair Established in Mathematics
Prof. Murphy Receives 2020 New Horizons Prize in Mathematics
Prof. Valentino Tosatti Receives Renato Caccioppoli Prize
Prof. Antonio Auffinger Receives 2019 Weinberg College Distinguished Teaching Award

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