Postdoctoral and Visiting Faculty

Bahar Acu | Boas Assistant Professor

Bahar Acu
  • Field(s) of Research:  Geometric Topology
  • Phone:  847-491-5563
  • Office Location:  Lunt 312
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Contact and symplectic geometry, low dimensional topology

Elizabeth Burslem | Visiting Faculty

Elizabeth Burslem

Description of Research:  Dynamical Systems

Daniel Cuzzocreo | Visiting Faculty

Daniel Cuzzocreo

Description of Research:  I am interested in holomorphic dynamical systems. In particular, I am interested in structures in parameter spaces for families of rational maps.

Brett Frankel | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Brett Frankel

Han Liang Gan | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Han Liang Gan

Description of Research:  Distribution approximation using Stein's method, particularly for genetic drift models and stochastic processes under constraints.

Oran Gannot | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Oran Gannot
  • Field(s) of Research:  Partial differential equations
  • Phone:  847-467-1898
  • Office Location:  Lunt 309
  • E-mail:

Julian Gold | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Julian Gold

Description of Research:  Percolation, random spatial processes

Sean Gomes | Boas Assistant Professor

Sean Gomes

Kenneth Jacobs | Boas Assistant Professor

Kenneth Jacobs

Description of Research:  Arithmetic dynamics, with a particular emphasis on equidistribution results for families of measures attached to rational maps.

Rahul Krishna | Boas Assistant Professor

Rahul Krishna

Description of Research:  Automorphic forms, special values of L-functions, and arithmetic.

Joel Moreira | Boas Assistant Professor

Joel Moreira

Description of Research:  Convergence of ergodic averages and multiple recurrence with applications to arithmetic combinatorics and Ramsey theory.

Sam Nariman | Boas Assistant Professor

Sam Nariman
  • Field(s) of Research:  Algebraic Topology
  • Phone:  847-491-2853
  • Office Location:  Lunt B22
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Stable moduli space of manifold bundles, homotopy theory of foliations, diffeomorphism groups, homological stability.

Clive Newstead | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Clive Newstead

Rachael Norton | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Rachael Norton

Description of Research:  Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation, Hilbert C*-modules, displacement equations, and noncommutative Hardy algebras

Scott Schmieding | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Scott Schmieding

Description of Research:  Symbolic Dynamics, Algebraic K theory

Yuan Wang | Boas Assistant Professor

Yuan Wang