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Course Registration

Graduate courses are an essential component of a mathematician's training.

Graduates of the Northwestern mathematics program are expected to be well-rounded, in part by having taken courses in a wide variety of subjects. In addition, several courses are research-oriented and presentation-based, offering training for some of the specific skills needed by research mathematicians. Beyond these general expectations, the departmental and University legislation provides for certain minimal requirements related to the course work.

The minimal full-time course load for Mathematics graduate students in the first three years is three (3) courses per quarter. It is possible to register for four (4) courses with no increase in tuition. Graduate students in each of their first three years are required to enroll in at least seven (7) regular mathematics courses (i.e., not including 499 independent study courses) each year, and at least one (1) such course per quarter. Students who have passed their qualifying examination may count post-candidacy research (TGS 500) toward this requirement. Substitutions or exceptions require the advanced approval of the Graduate Committee.

Graduate students must fulfill a residency requirement of nine (9) quarters (=3 years) of full-time registration in ordinary courses. After fulfilling this residency requirement and passing the Qualifying Examination, a student should register for TGS 500 (Advanced Doctoral Study). This reduces the tuition and maintains full-time status.


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