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Nemmers Prize in Mathematics

The 2022 Nemmers Prize recipient, Bhargav Bhatt, will visit Northwestern University Mathematics in May 2023. We will hold a conference for him May 15-19, 2023.  Click here for more information.
  • Featured conference speakers will be: Emelie Arvidsson (Utah), Daniel Bragg (Utah), Hélène Esnault (FU Berlin), Sarah Frei (Dartmouth), Daniel Halpern-Leistner (Cornell), David Hansen (Singapore), Luc Illusie (Orsay), Kiran Kedlaya (San Diego), Jacob Lurie (IAS), Akhil Mathew (Chicago), Shubhodip Mondal (MPIM), Wesia Nizioł (Jussieu), Arthur Ogus (Berkeley), Martin Olsson (Berkeley), Alex Petrov (Clay/MPIM), Karl Schwede (Utah), and Jakub Witaszek (Princeton).

Frederic Esser Nemmers Prize in Mathematics

The Nemmers Prize is awarded for achievement and work of lasting significance in the field of mathematics. In particular, the prize recognizes major contributions to new knowledge or the development of significant new modes of analysis. The prize is currently $200,000. Recipients are selected in even-numbered years, and as a condition of the award, spend several weeks in residence at Northwestern University interacting with students and faculty.  Seminars and conferences are often held in conjunction with their visits.  Click here for more information regarding the Nemmers Prizes.


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