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Qualifying Exam

Qualifying Examination

A student becomes a Ph.D. candidate after successfully completing six quarters of course work and the Qualifying Examination. This is the last examination before a student begins dissertation research. This examination serves several purposes: to acquaint faculty members with the research potential and interests of the student, to acquaint the student with the research interests of faculty members, and to determine whether the student can read and assimilate advanced material in a specialized field.

The Qualifying Examination is an oral examination. After the student has decided upon a field of interest, he/she asks a faculty member to chair a committee to conduct his/her Qualifying Examination. The chair, in consultation with the student, selects at least two other faculty members to comprise the committee. The committee members, in consultation with each other and the student, assign topics and a reading list to the student. The committee must be comprised of at least three faculty members, at least two of whom are NU graduate faculty

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