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Teas, Seminars, Facilities

One of the best ways to get to know faculty and other graduate students is to attend the Departmental Teas. These are held in the Common Room, Lunt 218, every afternoon on weekdays at 3:45pm.

Seminars and Colloquiums. Students are strongly encouraged to participate actively in departmental seminars and are expected to attend department colloquiums. The colloquiums, in particular, are meant for a general mathematical audience with no specialized knowledge. A complete list of seminars, colloquiums and otherdepartment activities is available on the Mathematical Calendar webpage.

The R. P. Boas Mathematics Library is located on the first floor of Lunt Hall; it has a large collection of books and journals. Some books may be placed on reserve for beginning graduate courses so all the students can have access in the library. Journals must be used in the library, though they may be signed out briefly for copying. The librarian can explain the details of book circulation policies. Normal library hours are weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Graduate students have after hours access to this library via Wildcard. Other books and journals of interest, especially those in applied mathematics, can be found in the Science-Engineering Library, east of the Technological Institute.

Many members of the Math Department at Northwestern University use computers in important ways in their research and communication. The department has its own subnetwork with about 50 computers in offices occupied by faculty members and staff. There is also a public computer lab in Lunt B10 with computers used as terminals to access accounts on the Math servers. These computers and laser printers are housed in Lunt Hall and Locy Hall are used exclusively by the faculty and graduate students in the Math Department.

Computers in the Math Department support Mathematica for symbolic and numeric mathematical calculations as well as graphical display of their output, Tex/LaTeX and related typesetting packages, and other packages that can be install on demand â˘A ¸S. Consult the computer system administrator for additional information.

Graduate students can obtain accounts on the department’s internal computer network and are encouraged to become familiar with its use. Each entering student should see the computer system administrator to set up an account. The department discourages excessive personal use of departmental computer resources. The university provides many additional computer services through Information Technology. One of the most useful of these is the campus WiFi network, accessible using your NetID.

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