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Teaching Policy

Teaching experience is considered to be an integral part of the training of all graduate students, and is required each year of all students, with the exception of students in their final year of study.

Teaching Activities

Undergraduate teaching is one of the primary responsibilities of the Mathematics Department; graduate students play an important role in this function. As a part of their training, and as a necessary condition for most forms of financial aid, all teaching assistants are involved with departmental teaching activities each quarter they are in residence. Most often they assist faculty members by conducting the recitation sections of calculus and other undergraduate courses; they may on occasion be asked to grade for graduate courses.


Graduate students undergo teacher training during the fall quarter of their second year by participating in Math 580 Seminar in College Teaching. First-year students perform supervised grading of exams in one undergraduate course per quarter.

Summer School Teaching

In order to provide teaching experience and some summer support, some students are given the opportunity to teach in the Summer School. This is usually offered to advanced students, chosen on the basis of evaluations of performance as a teaching assistant.

Graduate Students Teaching Their Own Class

Every year we will have a few openings for graduate students to teach a class in one of our calculus sequences, where they will receive supervision and mentoring from an experienced faculty member. To be eligible for this opportunity, the student must:

(a) have demonstrated excellence as a TA, as evidenced by CTECs and in-class evaluations, and

(b) have evidence of initiative and interest in teaching, and*

(c) have the permission of their advisor.

*Examples for part (b) might be teaching in SPS is the summer or evening, or working with the Searle Center in one of their programs for graduate students. Other options are possible.

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