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Emphasis Year

2023-2024: Asymptotics in Geometry and Analysis-- The Mathematics of Steve Zelditch
The organizers will be NU faculty members Yuchen Liu, Gabor Szekelyhidi, Jared Wunsch and Ben Weinkove. We will be hosting two conferences:

 Asymptotics in Complex Geometry: A Conference in Memory of Steve Zelditch

Microlocal Analysis and Quantum Dynamics 2024, In Memory of Steve Zelditch

Upcoming Emphasis Years
2024 - 2025:  Lattices and Arithmetic Groups
  • Organized by Nir Avni and Tsachik Gelander

2025 – 2026:  Probability

  • Organized by Tuca Auffinger, Reza Gheissari and Elton Hsu