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Graduate Program: Welcome

Dear Prospective Graduate Student,

Thank you for your interest in the Northwestern graduate program in mathematics. Our program aims to develop graduate students into productive research mathematicians. We offer the benefits of an internationally-renowned faculty together with the close-knit collegiality of a small department. Our extremely low student-faculty ratio, small class size, and close interactions among students and faculty allow us to give you individualized, expert attention that would be hard to find at a larger school.

Our department has research strength in many areas of mathematics, including (but not limited to!) algebra, algebraic topology, differential equations, probability, dynamical systems and ergodic theory, homotopy theory, mathematical physics, number theory and representation theory. Students with a particular interest in one of these fields, or with a general interest in mathematics, are likely to have their intellectual needs satisfied by our program. Students with a very specific mathematical interest not mentioned above should closely review the research interests of our faculty.

A large majority of students who matriculate at Northwestern graduate with a Ph.D. in mathematics, and most graduates go on to postdoctorate research positions in academia. These students typically go on to careers in academia. As long as they remain in good standing, students receive stipend support and full health coverage from the department for this whole period, with fellowship support in the first and fifth year, and as a teaching assistant otherwise. The first year of graduate study is usually spent taking courses and preparing for the preliminary examination at the end of the year.

While there is no "typical" graduate-school application, students with excellent grades and recommendations from mathematicians who know them well have a clear advantage in the admissions process.

If you are thinking of applying, please review the deadlines and other application policies.

Northwestern is set in a beautiful, tree-lined campus along the lake in Evanston, Illinois. The suburb of Evanston is a pleasant college town with nice walks, lakefront beaches, and plenty of cafes. At the same time, it is adjacent to the city of Chicago, and is connected to the city's cultural attractions by both subway (or "el") and commuter trains.

We look forward to your continued interest in our program.


The Director of Graduate Studies