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George Gasper


See: Basic Hypergeometric Series (with M. Rahman):Second Edition: 2004

Selected Publications

  1. Elementary derivations of summation and transformation formulas for $q$-series
  2. Errata to the Gasper and Rahman ``Basic Hypergeometric Series'' book
  3. George Gasper's May 29, 1973 letter to Tom Koornwinder and Dick Askey containing his discovery and proof of the inequality that was used by Louis de Branges to prove the Bieberbach Conjecture
  4. In Memoriam, Ralph P. Boas, Jr. (1912-1992)
  5. Using sums of squares to prove that certain entire functions have only real zeros
  6. Fractional integration for Laguerre expansions
  7. A Riemann-Lebesgue Lemma for Jacobi expansions
  8. Ultraspherical multipliers revisited
  9. On necessary multiplier conditions for Laguerre expansions
  10. On a restriction problem of de Leeuw type for Laguerre multipliers
  11. On necessary multiplier conditions for Laguerre expansions II
  12. q-Extensions of Barnes', Cauchy's, and Euler's beta integrals
  13. q-Extensions of Clausen's formula and of the inequalities used by DeBranges in his proof of the Bieberbach, Robertson and Milin conjectures
  14. An indefinite bibasic summation formula and some quadratic, cubic, and quartic summation and transformation formulas
  15. Using symbolic computer algebraic systems to derive formulas involving orthogonal polynomials and other special functions
  16. Solution to Problem 2 in the SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions Newsletter
  17. A lower estimate for the Lebesgue constants of linear means of Laguerre expansions
  18. Applications of weighted Laguerre transplantation theorems
  19. Problem 19 in the SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials Norm inequalities for fractional integrals of Laguerre and Hermite expansions
  20. Minicourse on q-Series
  21. q-Extensions of Erdélyi's fractional integral representations for hypergeometric functions and some summation formulas for double q-Kampé de Fériet series
  22. q-Analogues of some multivariable biorthogonal polynomials
  23. Some systems of multivariable orthogonal Askey-Wilson polynomials
  24. Summation, transformation, and expansion formulas for multibasic theta hypergeometric series
  25. Some curious q-series expansions and beta integral evaluations
  26. Some systems of multivariable orthogonal q-Racah polynomials
  27. Using integrals of squares of certain real-valued special functions to prove that the Pólya $\Xi^*(z)$ function, the functions $K_{iz}(a), a>0,$ and some other entire functions have only real zeros
  28. Extensions to generalizations of hypergeometric and basic hypergeometric functions of inequalities for quotients of hypergeometric functions that arose in research on financing efficiency of securities-based crowdfunding. Ramanujan Journal (2021).