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Bryna Kra

Bryna Kra works in ergodic theory and dynamical systems, particularly on problems motivated by combinatorics and number theory.

Prizes and Honors:

  • Sarah Rebecca Roland Professor of Mathematics at Northwestern University
  • Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (2012)
  • Levi L. Conant Prize of the American Mathematical Society (2010)
  • American Mathematical Society Centennial Fellowship (2006)
  • Invited Speaker, International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid (2006)

Selected Publications:

  1. V. Cyr and B. Kra. The automorphism group of a shift of linear growth: beyond transitivity. Forum Math. Sigma 3 (2015), e5, 27 pp.
  2. V. Cyr and B. Kra. Nonexpansive Z2-subdynamics and Nivat's Conjecture. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 367 (2015), no. 9, 6487–6537.
  3. N. Frantzikinakis, B. Host and B. Kra. The polynomial multidimensional Szemeredi Theorem along shifted primes.Israel J. Math. 194 (2013), no. 1, 331--348.
  4. B. Host, B. Kra and A. Maass. Nilsequences a structure theorem for topological dynamical systems.Adv. Math. 224 (2010), 103--129
  5. B.Host and B. Kra. Uniformity seminorms on l-infinity and applications.J. Anal. Math. 108 (2009), 219--276.
  6. B. Kra. The Green-Tao Theorem on arithmetic progressions in the primes: an ergodic point of view. Bull. Amer. Math. Soc., 43 (2006), 3--23.
  7. N. Frantzikinakis and B. Kra. Polynomial averages converge to the product of the integrals. Isr. J. Math., 148 (2005), 267--276.
  8. B. Host and B. Kra. Convergence of polynomial ergodic averages. Isr. J. Math., 149 (2005), 1--19.
  9. V. Bergelson, B. Host and B. Kra. Multiple recurrence and nilsequences. Inventiones Math.,160 (2005), 261--303.
  10. B. Host and B. Kra. Nonconventional ergodic averages and nilmanifolds. Annals of Math., 161 (2005), 397--488.

More Papers and Preprints

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