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Emphasis Years

Emphasis Years in the Mathematics Department at Northwestern University

2018-19 Non-Commutative Geometry

Dima Tamarkin, Boris Tsygan

2017-18 Dynamical systems

Keith Burns, Laura DeMarco, John Franks, Bryna Kra, Jeff Xia

2016-17 Geometric Methods in Algebra, Number Theory and Physics

Getzler, Y Liu, Popa

2015-16 Probability Theory

Auffinger, Ehsu

2014-15 Geometric Analysis

Naber, Tosatti, Weinkove, Zelditch

2013-14 Representation Theory, Integrable Systems and Quantum Fields

Costello, Zaslow, Zhu

2012-13 Algebraic Topology

Bohmann, Francis, Goerss

2011-12 Microlocal Analysis

Tsygan, Wunsch, Zelditch

2010-11 Dynamical Systems

Burns, Franks, Kra, Robinson, Wilkinson, Xia

2009-10 Partial Differential Equations

Chen, Jerome, Wunsch, Zelditch

2008-9 Topology

Goerss, Getzler and Costello

2007-8 Number Theory

Matt Emerton and Frank Calegari

2006-7 Noncommutative geometry

Yuri Manin, Dmitry Tamarkin and Boris Tsygan

2005-6 Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

Burns, Franks, Kra, Robinson, Wilkinson, Xia

2004-5 Stochastic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

GQ Chen, Hsu, Pinsky

2003-4 Geometry and Topology of String Theory

Getzler, Tsygan, Zaslow

2002-3 Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and related Analysis

Chen, Gasper, Jerome

2001-2 Algebraic Topology

Goerss, Priddy

2000-1 Dynamical Systems

Burns, Franks, Robinson, Wilkinson, Xia

1999-2000 Probability

Hsu, Pinsky

1998-9 Algebraic Geometry

Getzler, Kapranov

1997-8 Partial Differential Equations

DiBenedetto, Chen, Tataru

1996-7 Algebraic Topology

Priddy, Mahowald

1995-6 Analysis

Jerome, Fisher, Gasper

1994-5 Dynamical Systems

Burns, Franks, Robinson

1993-4 Stochastic Analysis

Pinsky, Hsu

1992-3 Partial Differential Equations

DiBenedetto, Trudinger

1991-2 Representation Theory Applied to Topology

Evens, Friedlander, Mahowald, Priddy

1990-1 Dynamical Systems

Franks, Robinson, Saari

1989-90 Probability and Ergodic Theory

Bellow, Burns, Hsu, Pinsky

1988-9 Partial Differential Equations

DiBenedetto, Devinatz

1987-8 Algebraic Topology

Friedlander, Mahowald, Priddy

1986-7 Computation in Mathematical Sciences

Gasper, Jerome, Haberman (Statistics)

1985-6 Dynamical Systems

Franks, Robinson, Williams

1984-5 Cohomology of Groups

Evens, Friedlander, Priddy

1983-4 Commutative Algebra

Sally, Zelinsky

1982-3 Non-linear Analysis

Friedman, Pinsky, Robinson

1981-2 Algebraic Topology

Barratt, Friedlander, Kahn, Mahowald, Priddy

1980-1 Partial Differential Equations

Friedman, Jerome, Pinsky

1979-80 Harmonic Analysis; Algebraic K-Theory

Fisher, Graham; Friedlander, Stein

1978-9 Global Theory of Dynamical Systems

Franks, Robinson, Williams

1977-8 Stochastic Analysis

Friedman, Pinsky

1976-7 Algebraic Topology

Barratt, Friedlander, Kahn, Mahowald, Priddy

1975-6 Algebra

Evens, Matlis, Mount, Sally, Stein, Zelinsky

1974-5 Global Analysis (Dynamical Systems)

Franks, Robinson, Williams

1973-4 Analysis

Devinatz, Fisher, Friedman, Gasper, Graham, Jerome, Pinsky

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