Core Faculty

Bahar Acu | Boas Assistant Professor

Bahar Acu

Description of Research:  Contact and symplectic geometry, low dimensional topology

John M. Alongi | Professor of Instruction

John M. Alongi
  • Field(s) of Research:  Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, Mathematics education
  • Phone: 847-467-1874
  • Office Location: Lunt B3
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Notions of recurrence, Hyperbolic orbits and sets

Antonio Auffinger | Associate Professor

Antonio Auffinger
  • Field(s) of Research:  Probability theory and stochastic processes
  • Phone: 847-491-5524
  • Office Location: Lunt 228
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Spin glasses, growth processes, and random matrix theory

Nir Avni | Associate Professor

Nir Avni
  • Field(s) of Research:  Model theory, Group theory and generalizations, Topological groups, Lie groups, Measure and integration, Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, Differential geometry
  • Phone: 847-491-5575
  • Office Location: Lunt 213
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Arithmetic groups, Representation Theory

Eva Belmont | Boas Assistant Professor

Eva Belmont

Keith Burns | Professor

Keith Burns
  • Field(s) of Research:  Dynamical systems and ergodic theory
  • Phone: 847-491-3013
  • Office Location: Lunt B21
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Dynamical systems and ergodic theory

Elizabeth Burslem | Visiting Faculty

Elizabeth Burslem

Description of Research:  Dynamical Systems

Santiago Canez | Associate Professor of Instruction

Santiago Canez
  • Field(s) of Research:  Symplectic geometry, contact geometry, Topological groupoids
  • Phone: 847-467-5211
  • Office Location: Lunt B27
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Symplectic Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Eric Chang | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Eric Chang

Jianchun Chu | Boas Assistant Professor

Jianchun Chu

Description of Research:  Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations

Daniel Cuzzocreo | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Daniel Cuzzocreo

Description of Research:  Holomorphic Dynamics

Laura DeMarco | Professor

Laura DeMarco

Description of Research:  Dynamical systems, complex analysis

John Francis | Associate Professor

John Francis

Description of Research:  Topology

Brett Frankel | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Brett Frankel

John Franks | Professor

John Franks

Description of Research:  Dynamical Systems

Han Liang Gan | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Han Liang Gan

Description of Research:  Distribution approximation using Stein's method, particularly for genetic drift models and stochastic processes under constraints.

Oran Gannot | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Oran Gannot
  • Field(s) of Research:  Partial differential equations
  • Phone: 847-467-5577
  • Office Location: Lunt 309
  • E-mail:

Ezra Getzler | Professor

Ezra Getzler

Description of Research:  Mathematical Physics

Paul Goerss | Professor

Paul Goerss
  • Field(s) of Research:  Stable homotopy theory, spectra
  • Phone: 847-491-8544
  • Office Location: Lunt 206
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Homotopy theory, particularly chromatic stable homotopy theory.

Julian Gold | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Julian Gold

Description of Research:  Percolation, random spatial processes

Sean Gomes | Boas Assistant Professor

Sean Gomes

Aaron Greicius | Associate Professor of Instruction

Aaron Greicius

Elton P. Hsu | Professor

Elton P. Hsu
  • Field(s) of Research:  Probability and Stochastic Analysis
  • Phone: 847-491-8541
  • Office Location: Lunt 205
  • E-mail:

Bao Le Hung | Assistant Professor

Bao Le Hung

Kenneth Jacobs | Boas Assistant Professor

Kenneth Jacobs

Description of Research:  Arithmetic dynamics, with a particular emphasis on equidistribution results for families of measures attached to rational maps.

Bryna Kra | Professor

Bryna Kra
  • Field(s) of Research:  Ergodic Theory, Topological Dynamics and Symbolic Dynamics
  • Phone: 847-491-5567
  • Office Location: Lunt 224
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Bryna Kra works in ergodic theory and dynamical systems, particularly on problems motivated by combinatorics and number theory.

Rahul Krishna | Boas Assistant Professor

Rahul Krishna

Description of Research:  Automorphic forms, special values of L-functions, and arithmetic.

Eugene Kushnirsky | Associate Professor of Instruction

Eugene Kushnirsky

Description of Research:  Harmonic analysis on p-adic groups

Gang Liu | Assistant Professor

Gang Liu

Description of Research:  Complex differential geometry, Gromov-Hausdorff convergence of Kahler manifolds

Michael Maltenfort | Assistant Professor of Instruction

Michael Maltenfort
  • Field(s) of Research:  Recreational mathematics
  • Phone: 847-491-8916
  • Office Location: 1908 Sheridan, Room 106
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Math that is accessible to those whose background is limited to calculus or less

Myrto Mavraki | Boas Assistant Professor

Myrto Mavraki

Joel Moreira | Boas Assistant Professor

Joel Moreira

Description of Research:  Convergence of ergodic averages and multiple recurrence with applications to arithmetic combinatorics and Ramsey theory.

Emmy Murphy | Associate Professor

Emmy Murphy

Description of Research:  Symplectic and contact geometry, h-principles, low dimensional topology.

Aaron Naber | Professor

Aaron Naber

Description of Research:  Ricci curvature, harmonic maps between Riemannian manifolds, minimal surfaces, Ricci flow, critical/nodal sets of elliptic equations, mean curvature flow, and collapsing theory.

Sam Nariman | Boas Assistant Professor

Sam Nariman

Description of Research:  Stable moduli space of manifold bundles, homotopy theory of foliations, diffeomorphism groups, homological stability.

Clive Newstead | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Clive Newstead

Rachael Norton | Postdoctoral Lecturer

Rachael Norton

Description of Research:  Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation, Hilbert C*-modules, displacement equations, and noncommutative Hardy algebras

Aaron Peterson | Assistant Professor of Instruction

Aaron Peterson
  • Field(s) of Research:  Several Complex Variables, Harmonic Analysis, Linear PDE, Singular Integral Operators, Sub-Riemannian Geometry.
  • Phone: 847-467-1298
  • Office Location: Lunt B2
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Several Complex Variables, Harmonic Analysis, Linear PDE, Singular Integral Operators, Sub-Riemannian Geometry.

Mihnea Popa | Professor

Mihnea Popa

Description of Research:  Algebraic geometry - Vanishing theorems in birational geometry; derived categories; Hodge theory; abelian varieties; moduli spaces.

Ursula Porod | Associate Professor of Instruction

Ursula Porod

Description of Research:  Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes - Random Walks on Lie Groups

Florian Richter | Boas Assistant Professor

Florian Richter
  • Phone: 847-491-3738
  • Office Location: Lunt B4

Scott Schmieding | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Scott Schmieding

Description of Research:  Symbolic Dynamics, Algebraic K theory

Charles Stibitz | Boas Assistant Professor

Charles Stibitz
  • Phone: 847-467-0714
  • Office Location: Lunt 106A

Dmitry Tamarkin | Professor

Dmitry Tamarkin

Description of Research:  Algebra and Homological Algebra

Valentino Tosatti | Professor

Valentino Tosatti

Description of Research:  Differential Geometry, PDE and Complex Algebraic Geometry

Boris Tsygan | Professor

Boris Tsygan
  • Field(s) of Research:  Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry
  • Phone: 847-467-6446
  • Office Location: Lunt 302
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Non-commutative geometry, index theory, microlocal analysis, deformation quantization, mathematical physics, and sympletic geometry.

Yuan Wang | Boas Assistant Professor

Yuan Wang

Ben Weinkove | Professor

Ben Weinkove

Description of Research:  Hermitian and K√§hlerian manifolds, Geometric evolution equations, Nonlinear elliptic equations

Jared Wunsch | Professor

Jared Wunsch
  • Field(s) of Research:  Partial differential equations
  • Phone: 847-491-5580
  • Office Location: Lunt 221
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Spectral and scattering theory; microlocal analysis.

Emmett Wyman | RTG Postdoctoral Fellow

Emmett Wyman

Zhihong Jeff Xia | Professor

Zhihong Jeff Xia

Description of Research:  Dynamical Systems - Xia's research is in the areas of Newtonian n-body problem, Hamiltonian dynamics and general hyperbolic and partially hyperbolic dynamical systems.

Sandy Zabell | Professor

Sandy Zabell

Description of Research:  Probability and Statistics

Eric Zaslow | Professor

Eric Zaslow
  • Field(s) of Research:  Mirror symmetry, symplectic aspects; homological mirror symmetry; Fukaya category, Mirror symmetry
  • Phone: 847-467-6447
  • Office Location: Lunt 209
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Mirror Symmetry, Mathematical Physics

Steve Zelditch | Professor

Steve Zelditch
  • Field(s) of Research:  Partial differential equations on manifolds, Analysis on CR manifolds, Asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, Scattering theory, Random fields
  • Phone: 847-491-5574
  • Office Location: Lunt 223
  • E-mail:

Description of Research:  Complex Geometry, Mathematical Physics