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The 2023 Undergraduate Mathematics Awards Celebration were held Wed, May 17th at 5p in Swift 107 with featured speaker, Prof. Laura DeMarco of Harvard University.

Title of Prof. DeMarco's Talk: From the Solar System to the Mandelbrot Set
Abstract: The field of dynamical systems has a long and fascinating history: it originated with the study of planetary motion and has become a central part of mathematics today, with many connections to algebra, geometry, and analysis.  In this talk, I will present some of its historical development, with emphasis on the subtle question of linearization and how that leads to deep and difficult problems that remain unsolved today.


Robert R. Welland Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics

Senior Career Award in Mathematics

Junior Career Award in Mathematics

Junior Careet Award, Honorable Mentions

Award for Excellence in Mathematics by a First-Year Student

Award for Excellence in Mathematics by a High School Student

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Mathematical Life

Award for Excellence as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Service Award

Michael Stein Prize for Excellence in Algebra