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Past Conferences

Asymptotics in Complex Geometry: A Conference in Memory of Steve Zelditch

2023 Midwest Probability Colloquium

2023 RTG Summer School and REU

MMMM Conference 2023

Algebraic Geometry and Cohomology in Mixed Characteristic 2023

Homotopy 2023 Conference

Midwest Probability Colloquium

Dynamics RTG

Laplacians on Random Hyperbolic Surfaces and on Random Graphs

  • This conference was held at Northwestern University, in coordination with the 2020 Nemmers Prize ceremony for Prof. Anantharama, May 30-June 3, 2022. The conference co-organizers were NU faculty members Nir Avni and Steve Zelditch

Homotopical Methods in Geometry and Physics 

Midwest Dynamical Systems Conference

Modern Trends in Non-commutative Geometry (in honor of Boris Tsygan's 60th Anniversary)

Chicago Action Now!

GROW (Graduate Research Opportunities for Women) Conference